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Automotive Diagnostic Service Centre - (02) 9667 4008
Welcome to Hitech Auto Electrical
Sydney's leading Auto Electrical Service centre. Established for over 20 years, Hitech Auto Electrical provides a large number of services to both the general public and the entire Automotive trade.

As technology changes and evolves, Hitech is recognised, and will continue to remain the leader in the Auto Electrical Industry highly specialising in the electrical fuel injection diagnostics service and repairs.

We have earned this reputation with our level of service and professionalism, and by carrying the highest level of technology to date for every vehicle manufacturer know to man. This is to ensure that no mater how big or small the job at hand , it is diagnosed correctly, efficiently and most of all the first time.

  -  At Hitech Auto Electrical we are proud to have the largest range of the latest Diagnostic Equipment for in NSW.

  -  We specialise in ECU computer & software upgrades for all European Vehicles.
     They include:  Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen ,Porsche, Saab, Peugeot, Volvo, Citroen, Mini .....
We Service all   Cars  Trucks BoatsMotorcyclesForkliftsMotor Home Caravans
Diesel Injection Service & Repair Centre in Sydney
The most common cause of performance loss in late-model diesel engines is clogging of the intake manifold with oil vapour build-up. We have seen the air supply pipe practically closed off by oil sludge build-up. Thorough cleaning of the turbo crossover pipe and intake manifold should be done every 50,000 km.

Oil vapours on diesel engines are introduced into the intake air stream by a breather hose that vents the crankcase next to the oil fill cap. Vapours build up and eventually choke off the intake air supply. The breather hose should never be pinched off or plugged, as major engine oil leaks will result. The
intake valves become severely coated with an oily residue, preventing the engine from breathing. Ultimately, engine performance and fuel economy suffer.  
General Auto Electrical Services
Auto Electrical Service - view more
We offer a full electrical and electronic automotive service. Our technicians are specialists in dealing
  Engine Diagnostics - view more
Today, most cars are controlled by computers. The fuel injectors, the spark plugs, the steering system and more
Electronic Fuel injection - view more We specialise in electronic fuel injection and provide complete care for modern engine management systems.   Alternator & Starter Motors
The electrical systems of today’s cars are complex. Your alternator, starter, ignition and battery are all crucial
Air Conditioning Service - view more
We follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement
  Electronic Fuel Pumps
Located in the fuel tank, the fuel pump, which nowadays is usually electric, simply pumps fuel from your tank
Air Condition Deodorising Service
Mouldy odours are often the first sign of trouble, but motorists can grow accustomed to the very ...
  New Car Batteries - view more
We can check your battery for free at anytime. Don’t wait until you’re stranded in some car park late at night,

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We Specialise in all Local, Japanese and European Vehicles, call us on 02 9667 4008
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