The most common cause of performance loss in late-model diesel engines is clogging of the intake manifold with oil vapour build-up. We have seen the air supply pipe practically closed off by oil sludge build-up. Thorough cleaning of the turbo crossover pipe and intake manifold should be done every 50,000km. Oil vapours on diesel engines are introduced into the intake air stream by a breather hose that vents the crankcase next to the oil fill cap. Vapours build up and eventually choke off the intake air supply.


    Electronic fuel injection service & repair

    The breather hose should never be pinched off or plugged, as major engine oil leaks will result. The intake valves become severely coated with an oily residue, preventing the engine from breathing. Ultimately, engine performance and fuel economy suffer

    To clean the engine, we use The BG Diesel tools by restoring lost performance and preventing costly repairs. This service will reduce overall maintenance costs, while ensuring long, productive lives for diesel engines in a truck or car Often the intake systems and throttle valves of modern diesel engines are heavily contaminated and can result in:

    Power loss
    Poor throttle response and uneven engine running
    High fuel consumption
    Difficulties starting up
    Poor or uneven idling
    Increased pollutant emission

    Diesel fuel pumps, diesel injectors, diesel fuel repairs

    We are an Approved diesel engine specialist, for Bosch, Denso, Siemans and Delphi. We offer repair services, modifications and problem rectification for all diesel fuel pump and all other diesel injection components Along with these highly skilled services we offer the very best power upgrades. We have a large stock of diesel fuel pumps and diesel injectors for all the major models of vehicles on the road, both private and light commercial. At Hitech Auto Electrical and Mechanical Auto Service, we can repair diesel fuel pumps and diesel injectors back to manufacturers OEM specifications.

    Diesel pump testing

    We offer a full diesel diagnostics service using the latest state of the art diesel testing technology, Utilising the latest Diesel test bench we are able to fully test all diesel fuel injection parts, including, both common rail and mechanical VP diesel pumps. Diesel vehicles, like everything other vehicle, develop problems. Our many years of diesel servicing experience enable us to assist with virtually any diesel related problems. We use genuine parts supplied direct from the manufacturers. Using the manufacturers provided specifications to ensure maximum effectiveness, durability and reliability, for all our diesel pumps and diesel injectors.